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Guiding and empowering you through your divorce.


Holding your hand and helping you navigate your divorce

As your trusted advisor we promise to:

Be your thinking partner and
sounding board

Keep you organized!

Help you focus on your goals
and desired outcome

Navigate successfully the most stressful event of your life


Learn how to prioritize and focus every day.


Save ten to twenty hours each month in attorney billing time. Guaranteed.


You will be empowered and educated about the divorce process.

OUR SERVICESDivorce coaching for working women

My name is Colleen Honquest. I was a professional and a mother when I went through my high conflict and highly litigated divorce. I went from being a top sales professional to a stressed-out and unproductive mess. Let me show you what I have learned through years of experience dealing with the family court system.

What if you hire me?

We protect your prioties and your loved ones.

Colleen Honquest

Certified Divorce Coach and Divorce Mediator

"Experience is the thing of supreme value in life".
- Henry Ford

Colleen is committed to guiding working parents who are divorcing through their divorce journey so that it is not as bumpy a ride as she endured. She started DivorceMD, LLC, in 2015 after juggling a full-time job outside the home, caring for three small children and a devastating high-conflict divorce.
She is passionate about sharing the knowledge she gained as a divorce client and imparting that with you to empower you, validate your experiences and keep you organized.

Colleen's Approach

Colleen’s straightforward and compassionate approach will help:

Keep you organized. The process of divorce entails pulling many documents – more than you think! Her strategies for breaking down the divorce process into manageable steps will save you time and headaches.

Hold your hand. Getting divorced is often not linear. Inevitably, you’ll have well-intentioned voices of friends and family whispering advice in your ear. Colleen is a sounding board and a steadfast advocate.

Move away from intense emotions and adopt a goal-oriented mindset for a more successful outcome.

We keep you focused on your family and your career.

How to stay sane?



Divorce Organization Starter Kit. Overwhelmed? This kit will get all of your legal, financial and family documents in one place and in order! Court papers and personal documents will all be in one place. There are over 300+ stickers for parents to use on their personal calendars to track important events. Labels for all of your legal and financial files are included. A Calendar Notepad with tear-off pages is included. Six file folders and three hanging file folders help you get started. This very durable and collapsible box will help decrease your stress and enable you to put everything out of sight each night. Stronger than your typical banker box, this box will hold a lot of documents! Included is an accordion file for you to transport papers and documents to meetings with your divorce professionals. Get organized today. Free Shipping included.

Why DivorceMD?


“I’m so grateful to have found Colleen! She’s so knowledgeable about the process, which gave me a great deal of confidence in her and, in turn, myself in dealing with my case. I was much stronger and more prepared than I ever would’ve been without her help.”


“Colleen is that extra someone you need by your side in this difficult divorce process.’


“Colleen saved me time and money, but most of all, she helped me get an iron-clad parenting, child support, and custody arrangement that gave me my son and the means to support him. I couldn't have done it without her.”

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