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High Conflict Divorce Expert

Part 2. Who Really Is the Expert in a High Conflict Divorce Case?

The third piece of advice is that if you are in a divorce with a difficult or High Conflict spouse, your lawyer MUST understand High Conflict personalities and what they are capable of doing to derail your case. To illustrate, in my client’s recent post-divorce case after 8 months of back and forth, she found out (while in a court hearing) that her lawyer was unaware that he had missed a clause that her ex’s lawyer had added to the bottom of a court order after one of our previous status court dates.  “Discovery closed.” was scribbled at the bottom of the court order.  Her lawyer had missed it and signed off on the fact that he could no longer ask for or give any more evidence in our case. So, when she went to a hearing (of course she did because that way the lawyers make more money, silly)
Guardian Ad Liten

Part 2. Three Things to Know Before Hiring a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) in Family Court

The Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) made time to call and interview all the people on Kari’s list of character witnesses. The GAL interviewed the children with Kari and not Tom. She called no one on Tom’s list of character witnesses and family members nor made ny effort, when asked by Tom to do so, to follow up with them. Tom was in disbelief that the GAL seemed to believe all of Kari’s lies and her belief that Tom was the less capable parent. Her subsequent report and suggestion to the court was that Tom only have visitation one night per week for 2 hours and every other weekend with the children ending on Sunday evening at 6pm. Also, that Tom pay child support to the mother based on the increased parenting time with Mom. Kari and Tom both have similar incomes and there was never a question as to the
Divorce and Real Estate

Part 2. Is My Credit Tied to My Ex-Spouse?

A few days before the final hearing date, my ex’s lawyer sent an email to my real estate agent informing her that my ex had a tax lien on the house for over $600,000 so the sale would not go through. That was it. No explanation for why this information was not brought forward to the court when it had been placed on the home six months earlier. His lawyer just emailed my realtor. No letter to the court. So, on the hearing date, his lawyer calmly told the judge about the lien. Not before, just right there in court. That day is like a murky nightmare but I distinctly remember the judge leaning over and saying to me, “Well, the IRS wins, you lose.” I was pro se by that time and I just stood there numb. My husband never was held in contempt for not re-financing me off of the mortgage. My name was now on

How to Interview a Potential Lawyer to Represent You in a High-Conflict Divorce Case

How to Interview a Potential Lawyer to Represent You in a High-Conflict Divorce Case by Colleen Honquest When professionals don’t understand high-conflict personalities, cases are prolonged, resolutions do not truly address problems, and lawyers and divorce professionals become distracted by their dramas. Hopefully, as more divorce professionals understand high-conflict personality disorders, the legal system will provide the structure to focus the high-conflict person on learning self-management skills rather than letting them tie up the courts with long, drawn out divorce cases. However, for now, our courts have a mental health problem and the high-conflict cases are clogging up the system and costing legions of clients (and society) millions of dollars.  If you are going into a divorce with a high-conflict individual, you will want to make sure that your lawyer understands the specifics of what they will be dealing with in your case. High-conflict cases can get very expensive very

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