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Divorce kit single





Hanging & Flat files


Extra tools to improve outcomes

We belive that an organized client, is a happy client. With our divorce kit, you can help your clients better achive their goals and make them feel like they are in control.


Divorce Organization Starter Kit

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Divorce Organization Starter Kit. Overwhelmed? This kit will get all of your legal, financial and family documents in one place and in order! Court papers and personal documents will all be in one place. There are over 300+ stickers for parents to use on their personal calendars to track important events. Labels for all of your legal and financial files are included. A Calendar Notepad with tear-off pages is included. Six file folders and three hanging file folders help you get started. This very durable and collapsible box will help decrease your stress and enable you to put everything out of sight each night. Stronger than your typical banker box, this box will hold a lot of documents! Included is an accordion file for you to transport papers and documents to meetings with your divorce professionals. Get organized today. Free Shipping included.


Divorce coaching for working women

My name is Colleen Honquest, I am a mother, and I too went through a divorce. It completly up-ended my life, I went from being the top sales executive in a prestigious firm, to a mess. The process was so horrific, that I decided to dedicate my life to helpling others like me.

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