Mediation in Divorce: Do I Need an Attorney?

Colleen Honquest, Prinicipal at DivorceMD, Divorce Mediator and Certified Divorce Coach, and Debbie Mora Evans (Linkedin profile), Divorce Mediator, speak with Jenet Pequeño (Linkedin profile), Family Attorney, about mediation and the role of an attorney in divorce mediation. Jenet explains the many benefits of divorce mediation vs litigation in court and also about when to consult with an attorney in your mediation process.

Attorney Jenét G. Pequeño is the principal attorney of his own firm which he founded in 2016. He values and understands what his clients are experiencing in their family transitions as he has focused on family law since 2004.  Jenét learned the essence of hard work and dedication from his own mother who was a single mom who raised him and his three siblings. Jenét enjoys educating, guiding, and advocating for his clients  as a lawyer and as a trained divorce mediator.  

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