Part 3. Financial Discovery in Divorce: Divorcing an Entrepreneur and Just Plain Sneaky People with Jeffrey Brend, CPA, JD, CBE,CFE

Are you divorcing an entrepreneur? Jeff Brend (Linkedin profile) , Attorney and CPA, discusses how some business owners try to hide money during a divorce. The techniques may surprise you. People going through divorce are not their best selves. Jeff says, “Don’t expect rational thoughts from irrational people.” Jeff also talks about the “Fraud Triangle” that people get caught up in while trying to hide money.  The triangle is formed when individuals act on opportunity, motive, and rationalization.  Jeff’s hilarious stories will keep you amazed at what people will do to hide money.  Listen to this podcast and find out “rules” that fraudsters follow. Jeff Brend, Attorney, CPA, Certified Business Examiner, and Certified Fraud Examiner, and is an immediate past president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Illinois Chapter, who shares his pearls of wisdom gleaned after many years working with individuals and court professionals in divorce. Jeff practices law in the following areas: Family Law, Taxation, Business Litigation, Business Valuation, and Forensic Accounting.  Jeff is also an AAML Certified Family Law Arbitrator.  As a speaker on financial issues affecting divorce, child custody, and other issues related to domestic relations, Jeff is known throughout Illinois and nationally.

Episode notes:

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