Working Moms listen up. In this episode, Colleen Honquest, Certified Divorce Coach and Divorce Mediator of DivorceMD, LLC and Kay Johnson, ADA Advocate, discuss how working Moms can benefit from some simple organizational strategies during divorce. Working Moms are juggling their work schedule and, usually, most of the child care duties at home. In order to be fully informed and prepared during your divorce, you need guidance and simple organizational tools to lower stress levels and keep everything in order. You want to be able to base your decisions on facts and knowledge rather than fear. Getting organized by working with a divorce coach can save you thousands of dollars spent working with a lawyer. Divorce Coaches can give you strategies to be better able to advocate for yourself with your lawyer and help you stay focused on your career and your family. Divorce is consuming and you don’t want your career to suffer and to not be present for your children.