Family Law Software Now Offered for Divorcing Individuals -with Nancy Chausow Shafer, JD.Nancy Chausow Shafer, JD of Chausow Shafer, P.C. and consultant from Family Law Software (FLS) speaks about how FLS can now be used by clients to help them better understand the financial issues in divorce.
  • Colleen Honquest, Principal from DivorceMD, LLC, speaks to Nancy Chausow Shafer, JD, and consultant for Family Law Software.
  • Nancy explains that Family Law Software is now available to clients to help them figure out financial issues in their divorce process for only $29.95/month.  This software used to be available to professionals only.  A client can use FLS to figure out their monthly budgets and financial affidavits, child support (specific to their state guidelines), alimony, and tax implications for asset settlements.  These are just some of the benefits that clients will be able to access by signing up for FLS.  Clients can sign up for month-to-month subscriptions and can cancel at any time.
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