What is Fixed Fee Divorce? Katie VanDeusen (Linkedin profile) , Family Lawyer, talks about Fixed Fee Divorce as another option for divorcing individuals. Katie explains how, with this model, she assesses a fixed fee for each stage of her client’s case. Clients are given goals to help them achieve resolution. The fixed fee model takes away incentives for increased billing hours by the lawyer. Clients are not charged for every interaction with their attorney. Katie knows divorce isn’t easy. Where many shut themselves off to their client’s emotional state, Katie chooses to fully engage and help her clients set clear goals and to be fully informed throughout the process. In this podcast, Katie tells about her work at Sterling Law Offices and how they started the fixed fee model of divorce in Wisconsin. Katie is also trained as a Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator. She earned her Juris Doctor from The John Marshall Law School, graduating cum laude in 2011.


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