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OUR SERVICESSave ten to twenty hours each month in attorney billing time. Guaranteed.

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It is not easy to find someone you can trust in difficult times. That is why we want to make it easy. If you like us, you can stay, if not, that's also okay 🙂


Learn how to prioritize and focus every day.


Save ten to twenty hours each month in attorney billing time. Guaranteed.


You will be empowered and educated about the divorce process.

OUR SERVICESDivorce coaching for working women

My name is Colleen Honquest. I was a professional and a mother when I went through my high conflict and highly litigated divorce. I went from being a top sales professional to a stressed-out and unproductive mess. Let me show you what I have learned through years of experience dealing with the family court system.

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“Some of you are in high conflict divorce and some of you may not be aware of what that even entails. You need a divorce coach."

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FAQFrequently asked

If you are a victim of abuse of any kind, you need to make the professionals with whom you are working aware of your situation immediately.  If you have a lawyer, you must inform them of any arrests, history or domestic abuse, or court filings involving domestic violence.  You should also work with a domestic violence professional to set up a safety plan as divorce can often cause abusers to ramp up their behavior as they feel they are losing control of you.  Your divorce professionals need to know your history as the process for your divorce will be different.  Your abuse history will mandate that you are not a candidate for mediation.  At least, not in the usual sense.  Talk to your divorce professional and get more information as to how to proceed.

The information that we offer for you will give you crucial financial, real estate, parenting, and emotional information to help you navigate the process of divorce and the family court system.  We offer examples of templates for court forms and links to research sites.  We will also provide tips to help you to understand what it means to write a Joint Parenting Agreement and also your Marital Settlement Agreement (divorce decree).  We also give you information on different types of legal help in divorce.  (Example- collaborative divorce, mediation, and unbundled legal services, Pro Se, and fixed fee legal services.)

After your 30-minute free consultation, you decide whether this type of coaching is a fit for you.  You can cancel at any time.  We ask that you give a retainer of $750 which covers 5 hours of coaching.  We only ask that you guarantee 4 hours of your retainer.  In other words, four hours are not reimbursable.  After that, you can cancel and get a refund for any money that you have in your retainer account. 


We offer informational articles, checklists, webinars, and videos that will help you understand the financial and emotional aspects of divorce.  We believe that the longer you are able to stay out of the family court system, the more control that you will have in the process and the money that you will save will be astronomical.  Lastly,  there will be less stress there on both you and your children if you organize and learn the necessary strategies to have a positive outcome in your divorce.

The two most critical documents in a divorce case are your Joint Parenting Agreement (if you have children) and your Marital Settlement Agreement.  There are definite “Do’s and Don’ts” that you should know when filling out these documents.  Our information will help you to understand your options and how to make these legal agreements more understandable and thereby improve your divorce outcome.  The best way to stay out of court is to have very good legal agreements in place.

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